continuing troubles with AMD64

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Wed Jun 9 17:13:27 GMT 2004

=Ah, the CPU is disabled. Guess I should just ignore disabled CPUs
=altogether then.

Actually, there is no CPU in the second socket on the motherboard. The
MB is dual, but we only bought one CPU for now.

=Here's a patch to the i386 version of madt.c but it should apply to the
=amd64 version as well:

Thank you, but we can't really try the patch, because of the primary
problem with the newer kernels -- none of the ata-controllers are
recognized, including the one with the boot drive...

Previous attempts to report this were painfully resultless:

The ACPI/APIC problem can be worked around even without your patch -- by
disabling the APIC part in the BIOS. But the ata-controllers continue
to fail to find an IRQ, so we are stuck with the Mar 1st kernel...



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