Experiences with 3Ware 9500-Series and 5.2 CURRENT?

Patrick Hurrelmann outi at bytephobia.de
Thu Jun 10 10:10:52 GMT 2004

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 13:38:51 -0700
"Vinod Kashyap" <vkashyap at amcc.com> wrote:

> >  - Does anybody use such a controller and in what configuration?
> >  - How stable is the current twa?
> twa has gone through a full qualification process internal to 3ware.

great to hear! so i will order my controller on monday.
> >  - Do the CLI and 3DM Tools work?
> They haven't been released yet, and are expected to be released shortly.

so CLI and 3DM for freebsd are not included on cd-rom in the kit-version?

Thanks for your information.


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