esd leaking file descriptors

Jon Noack noackjr at
Wed Jun 9 21:57:25 GMT 2004

On 6/9/2004 11:47 AM, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> FWIW, I have a current system built on June 2, 2004 that leaks FDs like
> crazy when I fire up XMMS. After about 3 minutes, the system runs out of
> resources and can't run anything dynamically linked. Kill xmms and all is
> well again. I have xmms configured to use esd on this system.
> I have been away from this system since the day I rebuilt the kernel, so
> I have not been able to do any real testing.

rwatson's (updated) patch from the "file descriptor leak in current with 
Qmail?" thread fixed my xmms/esd issues.  It was committed:

An update/rebuild should resolve this for you.

Jon Noack

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