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On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 06:58:50PM -0600, darren at wrote:
>what would you recomend in the line of a cheap digital camera for use with
>freebsd?  just want to use it to take a few photos of my area for

Canon .. definitly. I'm loving my Digital Ixus 400 (aka Elph S400).
Also, in stead of using a graphics tool I'm using this:

Port:   s10sh-0.2.2
Path:   /usr/ports/graphics/s10sh
Info:   USB/serial userspace driver for the Canon PowerShot digital cameras

but of course I'm also having a PCMCIA-CF cardreader because (as mentioned by somebody already) it is much faster and it won't wear down your sensitive connectors on your camera. 
They costs something like $15 and are definitly worth the money. 


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