reboot, ACPI, compile problems

David Gurvich david.gurvich at
Wed Jun 9 16:14:43 GMT 2004

      Back to 5.1-RELEASE for me.  With 5.2.1 I have not been able to 
get any system stable.  At least not since 5.29.2004  I haven't been 
able to track down where the problem lies, but the symptoms are hangs 
on shutdown and reboot, sirens on reboot, segmentation faults during 
compilation.  I believe possible culprits are ruby1.8, perl5.8.4, 
expat2, in combination with ACPI subsystem changes, and the change from 
SCHED_4BSD to SCHED_ULE.  I am uncertain of other changes that might 
have had an effect.  The system is an Athlon-XP 2600+ on an ASUS 
A7N266-VM motherboard, using onboard vga and lan.
     With 5.1-RELEASE even the nvidia-driver works.  I will change 
various components according to suggestions.  What order and how, etc?

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