kernel panic on smb activity

Bosko Milekic bmilekic at
Wed Jun 9 14:50:15 GMT 2004

Maxime Henrion wrote:
>Looking at m_getm(), it seems it will panic everytime it's called with
>len < MCLBYTES.  In that case, top will stay NULL because num will be 0,
>but top is dereferenced just after that.  This bug was introduced in the
>mbuma commit.  From my quick reading of the m_getm() function before the
>mbuma commit, I believe the attached patch should fix your issue.  I'm
>Cc'ing Bosko so that he can comment of the correctness of this patch,
>since I didn't test it at all.

  This looks correct.  Could the person who reported the problem please
  verify that this fixes it and then commit at will.  I've already submitted
  your change to the mbuma2 branch but you should feel free to commit it
  to HEAD.

  Please accept my appologies, thanks for the fix.


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