Multiboot problems with FreeBSD

Peter Weiss, Sun Microsystems, Germany Peter.Weiss at Sun.COM
Wed Jun 9 09:09:26 GMT 2004


this setting used to work, but after using the recovery cd to reinstall my
notebook FreeBSD partition is unable to boot.


ad0s1: Wintendo (active)
ad0s2: extended partition, several logical linux partitions
ad0s3: FreeBSD
ad0s4: small fallback linux installation

What I did:

o Installed a minimal FreeBSD on ad0s3a from CD (5.2.1)
o disklabel -B ad0s3

  IMHO is the problem somewhere in this area, Linux loader lilo does not seem
  to find any boot code to start FreeBSD.

o boot0cfg -B ad0

  Even boot0 does not boot ad0s3a, though it offers it at startup, but it
  starts and is able to start the Wintendo partition. Linux does not work of
  course, cause it's installed in the extended partition (Finally I'd like
  to use Linux lilo to start the system).

Activating ad0s3 is not possible because the bios needs to have ad0s1 to be
the active patition in order to recognize the disk.  And before restore
FreeBSD resided on ad0s2 and could be bootet this way.

Any help on this would be _greatly_ appreciated.


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