opteron build failure/500MB termcap.db

Anthony Schneider anthony at x-anthony.com
Tue Jun 8 18:49:30 GMT 2004

> Do repeated buildworlds behave the same? Can you examine the file (e.g. 
> with hd), and see if, maybe, it is comprised of all zeroes or some glitch 
> like that?

i am trying to rebuild just termcap with 
	cd /usr/src/share/termcap
	make clean
	make depend
it takes 48 seconds, and generates a 511MB file again.  hd shows that the
hd dump as 241714 lines (*16=3867424 bytes), so, it must be that there are
many patches of null bytes in there.  I did copy a termcap.db from
another machine into /usr/obj/usr/src/share/termcap, and everything seems 
to be okay for now.  after this upgrade succeeds, i'll try a buildworld
again.  could it maybe be an issue with using the older cap_mkdb instead
of a newer one?


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