What happened to src/sys/dev/sound/midi ?

Peter Jeremy PeterJeremy at optushome.com.au
Tue Jun 8 08:08:42 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-Jun-04 11:35:14 -0600, P.D. Seniura wrote:
>>From my CTM log for June 2:
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:234:> DM /ports/print/teTeX-base
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:235:> FM /ports/print/teTeX-base/Makefile
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:236:> FM /ports/print/teTeX-base/distinfo
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:237:> DM /ports/print/teTeX-base/files
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:238:> FM /ports/print/teTeX-base/files/listings.sty
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:239:> FM /ports/print/teTeX-base/files/pkg-install.in
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:240:> FM /ports/print/teTeX-base/pkg-descr
>./20040602/ctm_ports.log:241:> FM /ports/print/teTeX-base/pkg-plist
>I just can't find the cvs commit entry on cvs-ports@
>to see what's going on.  And Nothing Much Relevent on
>ports at .

Whilst this is most likely a repo-copy, tagging operations also
generate CVSup or CTM traffic (though FN rather than FM records)
without any commit messages.  (Hence the large and very slow to apply
CTM delta files that appear leading up to releases).

If you're really concerned about the change, you can always gunzip
the delta and study it with more(1) or less(1).
Peter Jeremy

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