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Joe Rhett jrhett at
Mon Jun 7 20:52:47 GMT 2004

On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 12:19:52PM -0000, freebsd-current at wrote:
> Bill Paul suggested:
> > <jedi mind trick>
> > You want to use ad-hoc mode. You don't want to bother me with
> > silly questions about hostap mode because it doesn't really
> > let you do anything you can't do with ad-hoc mode anyway.
> You haven't really experienced 802.11 wireless joy until you've survived an AP
> firmware upgrade reboot because you have multiple overlapping APs servicing
> the same WLAN and seamless roaming between them.  Can one roam uninterrupted
> between different APs in an ad-hoc configuration?

There is no AP in ad-hoc mode.  It's point to point.  So nothing can help
you if the other side reboots. 

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