file descripter leak in current with Qmail?

Julian Elischer julian at
Mon Jun 7 19:13:57 GMT 2004

On Mon, 7 Jun 2004, David A. Benfell wrote:

> On Mon, 07 Jun 2004 13:06:49 -0400, Robert Watson wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > In terms of debugging it: your first task it to identify if there's one
> > process that's holding all the fd's, or if it is distributed over many
> > proceses.  After that, you want to track down what kind of fd is being
> > left open, which may help you track down why it's left open...

fstat(1) is your friend..

> > 
> I'm going to have to take this to the qmail list; people there might
> be able to track this down.

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