unionfs issues

Eirik Oeverby ltning at anduin.net
Mon Jun 7 18:18:46 GMT 2004


To start off, I don't have any DEBUG stuff enabled at all. This is a 
production server that I can't really do such things to, and I can't 
afford more than one amd64 machine at this point ;)
However what I can tell you is what I am trying to do: Replace 
mount_null. There doesn't seem to be a mount_null (not mount_nullfs, 
which is different) in -CURRENT. The idea is to be able to share some 
directories among jails and between host and jails. Homes come to mind, 
as do ports, source tree, etc.

THe particular operationg that caused the panic was my attempt to mount 
homedirs into jails, and then performing some file copy operations 
(copying maildirs around) from within the jail. My ISP simply told me 
'your box paniced in unionfs, we booted it'. That's pretty much all I 
can do in terms of debugging ... I might just want to wait for it all to 
settle and become more stable on amd64..

Thanks anyway,

Marc G. Fournier wrote:
> Eirik ... can you provide some details on exactly what you are trying to 
> do?  For instance, as Dave posts in a follow up, there are several known 
> conditions that will cause a system to panic ...
> Now, in your case, you say it panic's ... do you have DEBUG enabled and 
> core dumping?  That would help to narrow down if its a "known condition" 
> or something new ...
> On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Eirik Oeverby wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Recently (3 days ago) I upgraded my main server with 5.2.1, and then
>> cvsupped to latest current in order to solve some problems in 5.2.1.
>> Among those was the fact that unionfs was non-functional in the release.
>> After cvsupping it seemed to work, but when doing some heavy file
>> copying operations inside a mountpoint the box paniced.
>> Problem is - the box is headless, 1000kms away, and with no serial
>> access. So I'll just ask if this is expected behaviour at the current
>> state of source, or if those in the know can say anything more about why
>> this happened and if it has already been fixed.
>> I apologise for the vague description of this problem - I know I'm
>> probably reaching for straws here.
>> Wbr.,
>> /Eirik
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