HEADS UP! KSE needs more attention

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Mon Jun 7 15:33:42 GMT 2004

Doug Rabson wrote:
> On Sunday 06 June 2004 20:55, Daniel Eischen wrote:
>>On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Scott Long wrote:
>>>We are about 4-6 weeks away from starting the 5.3 release cycle. 
>>>As it stands, KSE still only works reliably on i386.  There are
>>>reports of significant instability on amd64, and it doesn't work at
>>>all on alpha and sparc64.  I'm willing to drop the alpha
>>>requirement and maybe even the sparc64 requirement, but there
>>>absolutely will not be a 5.3 until amd64 is solid.  Please contact
>>>myself, Dan Eischen, and David Xu if you are interested in helping
>>amd64 looks to be a problem in readline which doesn't seem
>>to redispatch signal handlers with SA_SIGINFO arguments.
>>David also has patches for debugging support at:
>>  http://people.freebsd.org/~davidxu/kse/dbg/
>>Doug Rabson also has basic TLS support working in perforce.
>>It'd be nice to get TLS and debugging in before 5.3-release.
> I'll probably try to commit some kind of TLS support into current in the 
> next couple of weeks. Its likely to only support i386 and will be 
> stubbed out for other platforms. Right now, I'm just waiting for some 
> kind of feedback from an nvidia developer whos testing it.

I'm happy to see that it's gotten this far along, but it needs to be
available on all tier-1 platforms when it goes in.  For the sake of
argument, we'll call that amd64 and possibly sparc64.  My understanding
is that amd64 should be very similar to i386, yes?  Please let me know
what kind of help you need with getting this done.


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