xl(4) watchdog timeout

Matthias Andree ma at dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Jun 7 11:22:51 GMT 2004

Matthias Andree <ma at dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de> writes:

> I have CVSupped my -CURRENT i386 machine (CPUTYPE=athlon-xp) and
> rebooted and found the network non-functional, I get a message "xl0:
> watchdog timeout" (or similar) every couple of seconds. The card in use
> is a 3C900Combo, with the 10Base2/BNC port configured in /etc/rc.conf
> and that is fine with older -CURRENT kernels (that are still younger
> than 5.2.1-RELEASE).

I received a mail off-list that suggested to not load ACPI.
Booting without ACPI makes the problem go away.

Matthias Andree

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