What happened to src/sys/dev/sound/midi ?

Yuriy Tsibizov Yuriy.Tsibizov at gfk.ru
Mon Jun 7 07:05:40 GMT 2004

> > >	In my humble opinion:  We should axe this driver as "the
> > >current version is hurting people and should be put out of its
> > >misery".  The current driver (before removal) simply didn't work and
> > >people were trying to use it.
> > 
> > I send you again,
> > "Are there any snapshot of your audio related work available for 
> > review?" 
> > At least, the older code shouldn't be removed until the replacement 
> > appears.
> 	In regards to MIDI, I've been posting links to patches for
> about a year now.  I've had relatively little feedback.  I'm 
> not sure if
> the current patches that are posted will compile after some changes to
> infrastructure.

I've added support for your year-old midi2 code (dated June, 14th) to emu10kx driver. It builds well under -CURRENT (with addition of d_version to device structures). It would be nice, if you can provide snapshot of your current work to let people test it before commiting.

Now, for day and a half (this weekend), at least three people downloaded your midi2 code that I have on my website.
Emu10kx can be compiled without MIDI at all (and they do not need to download midi2 to build driver without MIDI or with NEWMIDI), and I think these people do need MIDI under FreeBSD-CURRENT. 

I also can say, that old NEWMIDI was not dead (MIDI I/O was working for me) when it was removed from -CURRENT.

Yuriy Tsibizov,

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