PCMCIA Modem causes hang on boot

j.e.drews at att.net j.e.drews at att.net
Mon Jun 7 05:09:42 GMT 2004

Hello Warner:

 I tried a good bit this weekend to get this card to work in NetBSD but it did not. The latest dmesg output is here:

I also saw this entry in the /etc/defaults/pccard.conf:

# Zoom 56K modem 
# Freezes your system entirely if you don't have the reset..
card "Zoom Telephonics, Inc." "PCMCIA 56K LT DataFax"
        config  auto "sio" ?
        reset   1000

 I wonder if that freeze condition would apply to this card also? Would the reset 1000 be the same? Recall that my Hawking PN612 tries to use sio4. I will continue with the kernel debugging and try to get a core file.

                      Kind regards,

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>             j.e.drews at att.net writes:
> : Hello Warner:
> : 
> : Unfortunately, other than what I have copied by hand below there is
> : no dmesg. Nor is there anything in /var/log/messages, as the laptop
> : hangs before anything can be written and then I have to do a hard
> : reboot.
> Can you give me a dmesg w/o the modem card inserted?
> Warner

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