Execute BIOS function

Phil Schulz ph.schulz at gmx.de
Sun Jun 6 22:09:54 GMT 2004

Hello List!

 The radio transmitter of my new centrino laptop is turned on by a BIOS 
function which resides at a certain location in memory. I know how to 
find the adress of the function's start but I don't yet know how to tell 
the OS that I do want to execute that memory region and make it let me 
do so. When running the program I get "Bus error (core dumped)". So the 
question is: Can I actually execute the BIOS code from userland or do I 
have to do it from kernelspace? How do I tell the kernel that I want the 
memory region to be executed and make it let me do so?

Any help is appreciated.



 This is a part of the code (I hope it's not going to be wrapped). 
bios_code_addr holds the BIOS function's start address and dev_mem is a 
file-descriptor to /dev/mem.

ptr = mmap( 0, BIOS_CODE_SIZE, PROT_EXEC,
    0, dev_mem, bios_code_addr );

__asm__ __volatile__ (
 "call *%3 \t\n"
 : "=a"(eax)
 : "a"(eax), "b"(ebx), "c"(ptr)

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