PCMCIA Modem causes hang on boot

j.e.drews at att.net j.e.drews at att.net
Sun Jun 6 21:49:36 GMT 2004

FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT #0: Sun Jun  6 15:45:41 CDT 2004
Hawking PN612 PCMCIA Modem v.90


 I attempted to find some information on this modem by using pccardc. However
as soon as I inserted the card in the pcmcia slot, FreeBSD CURRENT locked up.
I had to power off the laptop. What information should I try and gather to
help fix this bug? I looked in /var/log/messages and unfortunately nothing was 
recorded even though I was using verbose logging (boot option 6).

		     Kind regards,

> Can you give me a dmesg w/o the modem card inserted?

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