Loading the PF ruleset fails due to ppp

Jonathan Weiss tomonage2 at gmx.de
Sun Jun 6 10:46:16 GMT 2004

Hi folks,

I updated my 5.2.1 box to current today und changed from the PF-port to the
new base-PF. Everything went fine, but when I rebooted the box, it hangs
when samba was starting up. The problem was, that samba could not bind to
its ports due to the default pf rulesset being loaded (only ssh-in is

The problem originates in the fact, that I have a DSl modem and pppd
connects on startup. Because I get only a dynamic IP, I use such statements
in my ruleset :

pass  in  on $tun_if inet proto tcp from any to ($tun_if) port 22 flags S/SA
modulate state label

The ($tun_if) gives me the current IP of the tun0-interface and this is
often used by users with dynamic Ips.

The problem is, that ppp is not fast enough for PF. PF is starting up before
ppp gets an IP for tun0, so loading the ruleset fails. While using the
PF-port, the time lag between starting ppp and PF was big enough, as PF was
started whith the other third-party tools. With PF now in the basesystem, it
is too fast for ppp.

Inserting a "sleep 10" in the pf_start()-function in /etc/rc.d/pf solved my
problem, as PF waits 10 seconds before loading the ruleset and ppp now gets
the dynamic IP in time.

Could we add the "sleep 10" or maybe a "sleep 5" in this function? I'm sure
when current become 5.3 I'll be not alone with my problem.

Jonathan Weiss

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