Custom kernels causing Promise ATA RAID to go down.

Alastair G. Hogge agh at
Sun Jun 6 09:39:58 GMT 2004


For a couple of weeks now I've been having problems with my custom kernel 
crashing the system. I've re-cvsup'd and nuked /usr/obj and rebuild worlds 
and kernels alike, but the only solution is to boot with a generic 
kernel....which smurfs me to tears

The problem is that my kernel keeps causing ATA DMA READ/WRITE errors and then 
eventually causing my RAID array to go down, thus needing a deletation and 
re-definition thru the BIOS. Plus uncountable fsck run thru. I've not been 
able to catch any of the error messages but I did see a error reference to a 
ffs/softupdate source code file.

I don't know how to capture and store the output. As the system just basicly 
hangs and freezes the keyboard. Most of the time I've been X, which can only 
be solved with a hard reboot.

Running a GENERIC kernel is (with debuging things removed) is so slow.  X/KDE 
performs so poorly now.

My dmesg -v cane be found here:
Custom kernel conf:
Boot loader.conf

Thanks in advance.

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