Suspend to RAM almost works! Console hangs after wakeup.

Toxa postfix at
Sun Jun 6 00:31:35 GMT 2004

I have been cvsuped to recent current  and found what suspend to RAM
works amost fine with my vaio laptop! I've just type 'acpiconf -s 3' without unloading
any modules, etc. Here are the lines from dmesg:

pcm0: Unhandled interrupt, gs_intr = 86
usb0: resume detect
usb0: unrecoverable error, controller halted
usb0: blocking intrs 0x18
usb1: resume detect
usb1: unrecoverable error, controller halted
usb1: blocking intrs 0x18
usb2: unrecoverable error, controller halted
usb2: blocking intrs 0x10
pcm0: Unhandled interrupt, gs_intr = 86
cpu0: Performance states changed
uhub0: illegal enable change, port 1
uhub1: illegal enable change, port 1
uhub2: illegal enable change, port 1
wakeup from sleeping state (slept 00:00:10)

But there is a one problem after wakeup, lid switches on again,
keyboard buttons works (I can detect this with numlock, scrollock,
etc), machine is almost alive, but console HANGS. E.g. the only way to
do something is to ssh on it from another host. I don't know is that
related with console or keyboard, or something else,  but all that I
can see is just my last 'acpiconf -s 3' command. Console doesn't
response at all.
So maybe anyone has situation similar to mine one? What can you
adivce? Is it possible to work it out? The one thing I'm waiting for
is a hapeful suspend and wakeup, and now I'm very close to it :)

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