Network going nuts on -CURRENT

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Sat Jun 5 11:22:56 GMT 2004

Hi all!

I have a Dell laptop running -CURRENT (built from CVS
May 18th, generic kernel except SMP disabled) which
most of the time works like a charm. But every now and
then when I boot it, the network get horrible delays
which makes it unusable.
For example, a ping to the local network will give
results like 100,93,83,73,63,53,43,33,23,13,100,93 and
continue to cycle in the same way. Seems like some
read interval gets screwed. I get the same results
from both the built-in xl0 and from a pc-card wi0
interface, so it's not a network card hardware issue.
When I get to this stage, I cannot get it fixed no
matter what I try (rebooting it gets me nowhere). What
I found out is that if I reboot kernel.old
(5.2.1-RELEASE, GENERIC) and then reboot again and
revert to to my current kernel all is well again.
Until X number of reboots later, when it appears from
nowhere again. 

I'm completely lost as to what to do to fix it, so any
help would be appreciated. I can provide more
information from the system, but I don't know how long
it'll take 'til next time the error appears, so it's
hard to reproducce.


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