What happened to src/sys/dev/sound/midi ?

Tai-hwa Liang avatar at mmlab.cse.yzu.edu.tw
Sat Jun 5 04:54:25 GMT 2004

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Friday 04 June 2004 20:14, Conrad Sabatier wrote:
> > If the man comes across as a little "abrasive", it's probably because he's
> > a little upset at having functionality he's come to rely on suddenly
> > removed without warning.  You can hardly blame him, really.
> >
> > Why couldn't this have been held off until the replacement drivers were
> > ready to be added?  This makes no sense to me at all.
> Probably because there IS NO userbase of those drivers. I certainly have a
> hard time imagining there are still people around with a GUS or Roland
> MPU-401 and using it for MIDI on FreeBSD-CURRENT...

Well, I *did* have a GUS running on an AMD5x86 PC until 2 years ago;
however, since the VoxWare sound support was removed since 4-STABLE,
that box was still running 3.3-RELEASE to get MIDI support.

It's really a surprise to me that sys/dev/sound/midi was removed from
recent -CURRENT since MIDI was one of the most important reasons I
upgraded(another box with Creative SoundBlaster 16 + YAMAHA DB50XG
daughter board) from 4-STABLE to -CURRENT.

I'm really looking forward to the merging of new MIDI framework. If
there's anything I can help, please don't hesitate to drop me a mail.

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