Can the disklabel(8) link go now?

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Jun 4 10:07:42 GMT 2004

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <40C0414F.4040108 at>, Scott Long writes:
>>My vote is 'not right now'.  disklabel is a very fundamental command
>>to BSD, so if you intend to remove it then I suggest that you do the
>>1. Mark it as 'deprecated' everywhere.  All documentation, manual
>>pages, etc.  If you can make it so that an invocation of 'disklabel'
>>prints out a deprecation warning, that would be good also.
>>2. After 5-STABLE branches, remove it from HEAD.
>>3. Leave it in 5-STABLE until EOL.
> I thought the idea was to make disklabel(8) print out a helpful
> text pointing out the right tools for the current platform ?

This is similar to what I suggested.  Right now disklabel(8) provides
no hint that it is deprecated other than blindly calling itself
'bsdlabel' on i386.  I seem to have a real disklabel(8) on my
sparc64 box, but that might be a leftover.  Again, the historical
importance of the 'disklabel' command is strong reason to treat it
with special care.


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