IBM e325 ServeRAID-6M on FreeBSD 5.x

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Jun 4 09:28:21 GMT 2004

Ganbold wrote:
> Hi,
> We are planning to purchase IBM e325 server with ServeRAID-6M and Dual 
> AMD Opteron 2.2Ghz CPU.
> Did somebody make FreeBSD 5.x work on IBM e325 server with ServeRAID-6M 
> before?
> Are there any known problems and issues?
> Will FreeBSD 5.x work on it?
> thanks in advance,
> Ganbold

The serveraid cards should work, but I haven't audited the driver for
64-bit cleanliness.  I also haven't heard of any reports, positive nor
negative, about it, so it's up to you if you want to experiment.  If it
doesn't work, let me  know.


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