What happened to src/sys/dev/sound/midi ?

Paul Seniura pdseniura at techie.com
Thu Jun 3 17:03:31 GMT 2004

Hi y'all,

What happened to src/sys/dev/sound/midi/* ?

There's nothing mentioned in /src/UPDATING .

I cannot find a cvs commit entry for it by searching at

I see no "HEADS UP" in the maillists anywhere over the past
two weeks concerning this.

In my CTM logs, since we were on holiday early this week, I
got caught up to the CTM buckets on June 1, and this is the
CTM "file/dir remove" entries for that entire subdir:

./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:139:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/midi.c
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:140:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/midi.h
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:141:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/midibuf.c
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:142:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/midibuf.h
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:143:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/midisynth.c
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:144:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/midisynth.h
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:145:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/miditypes.h
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:146:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/sequencer.c
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:147:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/sequencer.h
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:148:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/timer.c
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:149:> FR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi/timer.h
./20040601/ctm_src_PM.log:150:> DR /src/sys/dev/sound/midi

My kernel is exploding during building. 
This is my _entire_ buildkernel log:

Wed Jun  2 22:12:33 CDT 2004

>>> Kernel build for IBM300SY_4BSD_Os started on Wed Jun  2 22:12:35 CDT 2004
===> IBM300SY_4BSD_Os
mkdir -p /usr/obj/src/sys

>>> stage 1: configuring the kernel
cd /src/sys/i386/conf;  
usr/obj/src/i386/usr/sbin:/usr/obj/src/i386/usr/bin:/usr/obj/src/i386/usr/games:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin  config  -d 
rc/sys/IBM300SY_4BSD_Os  /src/sys/i386/conf/IBM300SY_4BSD_Os
config: Error: device "midi" is unknown
config: Error: device "seq" is unknown
config: 2 errors
*** Error code 1

Stop in /src.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /src.
Wed Jun  2 22:12:35 CDT 2004

Indeed the two NOTES files do not contain 'midi' or 
'seq' anymore.  And nothing to replace them.

I suppose I will comment-out those two lines in my kernel. 

How are we to use MIDI devices in the meantime?

It would be nice for some d-o-c-u-m-e-n-t-a-t-i-o-n
as to what's going on, please?  Hint hint?   ;)

  --  thx, Paul Seniura
           System Specialist
           State of Okla. D.O.T.

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