creating a freebsd boot floppy with kernel?

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Thu Jun 3 13:34:53 GMT 2004

Il Gio, 2004-06-03 alle 06:05, Craig Rodrigues ha scritto:
> On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 09:56:56PM -0600, darren at wrote:
> > If I want to create a small bsd, rather a boot floppy with very limited
> > software as I won't be needing much...(one program and harddrive access) 
> > how should I go about it..  I tried compiling a custom kernel and the
> > smalest I seem to have been able to make is 2mb.  I want to try the
> > floppies but I could possibly move to cd's.

> Another good project to look at is: FreeSBIE
> They have a nice distribution which boots off of CD, and
> even has X11 and networking enabled.

FreeSBIE gives you the opportunity to build a customized FreeBSD live
cd, with your own package set, thanks to the sh scripts that are the
main part of the FreeSBIE Project.
For the near future, FreeSBIE staff plans to release a new FreeSBIE ISO
every time a FreeBSD Release comes out.
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