USB Audio

John Murphy sub00 at
Wed Jun 2 16:51:32 GMT 2004

On 2003-12-30 03:59:22 PST  Doug Rabson wrote:

>You will have problems getting usb audio working reliably in current.
>Last time I looked at it, there were lots of problems because audio has
>been locked up for SMP but USB hasn't. As a result, the audio backend
>calls USB code without Giant being held. Things might have changed since
>then, I guess.

Is this still the situation? I'd like to get audio IO working on Soekris
net4801 (it's tiny and silent) and USB seems to be the best way.

There's no mention of the uaudio driver in 4.* hardware notes but it is
mentioned in the notes for 5.2.1.

(Please CC me as usual)
Thanks, John.

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