Turtle Beach MultiSound (msnd)

RMH rmhll at sapo.pt
Thu Jun 3 04:57:47 GMT 2004

Citando Mathew Kanner <mat at cnd.mcgill.ca>:

> On May 31, RMH wrote:
> > Hello gentlemen,
> >
> > I have written a driver (msnd), for Turtle Beach MultiSound cards;
> > it had to be finished a long time ago, but due to different
> > circumstances I wasn't able to complete my work until the very
> > near past.
> >
> > In brief, the driver supports an audio playback and recording
> > (including full-duplex mode) using MultiSound Classic or Tahiti
> > (Monterey) hardware, i.e. the 1st generation of MultiSounds; Fiji
> > and Pinnacle, which stand for the 2nd generation, are unsupported.
> >
> > The driver was shaken well on i386 during a month or two, and
> > rewritten for alpha two days ago. Both tested with 5.1-RELEASE,
> > though there should be no problems with newer releases, too.
> >
> > Here are the dmesg outputs:
> > http://www.alasir.com/msnd/dmesg.i386.txt
> > http://www.alasir.com/msnd/dmesg.alpha.txt
> >
> > The tarball with the sources and manpage may be downloaded from:
> > http://www.alasir.com/msnd/msnd-5.x.tar.gz
> >
> > This one is for 5.x; if there is any interest, I shall prepare a
> > similar one but for 4.x. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
> 	Rhett,
> 	I haven't had a chance to review your driver.  I'll try to get
> some free time over the weekend.  For the record, are you interested
> in including this in the tree?  (We also have other options like the
> ports, or you can support it 3rd party).

I don't mind including the driver into the tree. It's released under
the terms of the BSD license, integrates very easily, besides, it's
just a good idea to keep the driver and OS together, so people don't
have to search over the Net for it.

Have a good time, hope to hear from you again!


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