5.2.1 on EPIA M1000 board

Robert Downes nullentropy at lineone.net
Thu Jun 3 00:22:12 GMT 2004

Darryl Okahata wrote:

>     Last week, I installed 5.2 onto an EPIA M10000, and it worked
>fine.  I "upgraded" (;-) to -current over the weekend, and it appears to
>be running fine (it's currently doing a long "portupgrade -Rrb").  I am
>using a plain 3.5" disk (Seagate), however, and not a 2.5" one.
Well, since swapping to a different cable, everything seems to be going 
fine. Just completed the builds for RELENG_5_2, and everything seems to 
be in working order. No more complaints from the disk access system, 
UDMA 100 seems to be working (much noisier drive now that it's sped up).

>[ Well, I should say that I *think* I have an M10000.  I ordered an
>  M10000, and the board looks like an M10000 (all the major chips and
>  connectors are in the correct locations), but the manual that came
>  with the board says, "Falcon".  I'm also a bit surprised at the power
>  consumption, although, in hindsight, it's probably in the right
>  ballpark: with the motherboard, 512MB PC2100 RAM, DVDROM drive, two 2"
>  fans, and one 3.5" 7200 RPM Seagate ST3200822A drive, it's sucking up
>  ~60W idle (the power supply also has a ~3-4" fan).  ]
I only have a Brennenstuhl PM 230 socket appliance meter. I think it is 
using a bogus measurement for power, and is either giving me apparent 
power or a crude measurement of cos thi as the power factor, but I do 
not think it is actually calculating true power. So it's telling me that 
an EPIA M1000 with a CPU fan (soon to be removed) and one 2.5" drive is 
using 56W or more on a constant basis. Which seems incorrect.

Assuming linear inaccuracy (risky assumption), that's still a third of 
the reported 150W or so that my big box (P4, two optical drives, seven 
fans or so) is clocking up.

So it looks like my new EPIA is running correctly. All I've got to do 
now is work out where to get cheap 'lint free' cloth in the UK so I can 
clean the heatsink and CPU and install the e-Otonashi fanless heatlane. 
Then I'll finally have the silent server I've been waiting for. (Silent 
but for the newly tearing UDMA 100 disk access.)


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