uipc_socket2.c panic

Bosko Milekic bmilekic at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 2 17:08:09 GMT 2004

You wrote:
>Additional information (I forgot to mention it - I apology)
>I am running with debug.mpsafenet=1

  This is highly relevant.  It means that there is probably a problem
  in network locking somewhere.  I have CC'd Robert to make sure he
  is in on the loop for this.

  Here is what I'd like you to try, in this order, please:

1. CVSUP to latest -CURRENT, build a new kernel and boot it.

2. Set debug.mpsafenet=1, see if you can reproduce the problem.  If
   not, then we'll assume it is fixed, so let us know.

3. If you can reproduce with debug.mpsafenet=1, then set
   debug.mpsafenet=0 and try to reproduce again.  If you can
   reproduce again, then go to 4, otherwise let us know and
   we'll go from there.

>From here on, always run with debug.mpsafenet=0...

4. If you were able to reproduce in (3), try backing out mbuma
   (cvsup to -CURRENT right before it was committed), try to
   reproduce.  If you no longer can, let me know.  If you still
   can reproduce, goto 5.

5. If you reproduced in (4), then it's not mbuma, so you can
   cvsup back to fresh sources.  Now try disabling preemption
   (I described how to do this in an earlier post).  Let us
   know if you can still reproduce following this.

  Thank you.


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