Cap on network speed in CURRENT?

Luke luked at
Tue Jun 1 17:29:50 PDT 2004

>> I've got a 100Mbps LAN with ethernet cards that should be capable of using
>> it, yet the highest transfer rates I seem to be able to get out of my
>> FreeBSD box are 260KB/s receiving and 341KB/s sending with around 200KB/s
>> being more normal.
> On a LAN, buffer size has minimal effect except at very high speeds.
> Without tuning, two 5.x boxes with gigabit interfaces connected to a
> Cisco 6513 switch (one 5/10/04 and one 2/20/04) reached 187Mbps in
> iperf.  You're problems symptoms sound like duplex mismatch or bad
> hardware to me.
> -- Brooks

I've forced both full and half duplexing and gotten the same results both 
ways.  I certainly won't rule out bad hardware.  I just don't know how to 
troubleshoot this.
Would disabling "witness" help?  I've read that "witness" can slow down 
some things, but I don't know if network speed is one of them.

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