Cap on network speed in CURRENT?

Luke luked at
Tue Jun 1 15:38:26 PDT 2004

I've got a 100Mbps LAN with ethernet cards that should be capable of using 
it, yet the highest transfer rates I seem to be able to get out of my 
FreeBSD box are 260KB/s receiving and 341KB/s sending with around 200KB/s 
being more normal.

I realize that there are hundreds of factors that could be influencing 
this, but I came across this recent article that made me wonder if this is 
some kind of hardcoded limit:

Is this article saying that my network speed is limited by a small 
static TCP buffer size?  If so, is there some way that I can increase that 
buffer size to improve performance?  The primary function of this machine 
is to move large amounts of data across my network, so I'm willing to 
experiment with increasing the buffer size if it's not too difficult.

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