hang with raid, postgresql

Don Bowman don at sandvine.com
Tue Jun 1 08:03:26 PDT 2004

From: Scott Long [mailto:scottl at freebsd.org]
 ... system locking up
> Please try the latest aac driver sources.

Your commit comment is 
"Collapse aac_map_command() into aac_startio().  Check the AAC_QUEUE_FRZN in
every iteration of aac_startio().  This ensures that a command that is
deferred for lack of resources doesn't immediately get retried in the
aac_startio() loop.  This avoids an almost certain livelock."

This livelock, would i not still be able to drop into
ddb via the console?

i'm trying it out now, will post back with results.
The lockup varies between every couple of hours and ~3 days,
so it will take a bit.


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