hang with raid, postgresql

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Tue Jun 1 07:48:18 PDT 2004

Please try the latest aac driver sources.


Don Bowman wrote:
> I have a system with 2x 2.8GHz XEON (P4), intel e7501 chipset, 
> 4GB of ram, aac [adaptec 2200s] raid with 4 scsi
> disks. I have also tried asr (adaptec 2015).
> I have tried two different motherboards.
> The only application the machine runs is postgresql,
> with about ~30 databases, about ~250GB of data.
> I'm finding the machine locks up solid once a day
> or so (sometimes more, sometimes less, no pattern
> of time of day). I know its not a hardware issue, it 
> is reliable with FreeBSD 4.7. I've run through memory 
> test, disk test, etc.
> There appears to be a correlation between
> disk activity (postgresql vacuum) and the lockup,
> but i can't be sure.
> I've just reproduced it with a cvsup from head today
> [2004-05-30 12:00 EDT], so its still present.
> I've got a serial console, and the break to 
> debugger (which works under normal circumstances).
> In the lockup case, i cannot drop into db, and
> no output appears anywhere. I have enabled
> the following options, but still no affect, no
> messages come out (other than erroneous LOR
> issues).
> options         ALT_BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER
> options         DDB            
> options         INVARIANTS     
> options         INVARIANT_SUPPORT 
> options         WITNESS
> options         WITNESS_SKIPSPIN
> options         MUTEX_DEBUG
> options         DIAGNOSTIC
> i've tried both with and without ACPI. It
> does not have PAE configured in.
> The fact that i can't drop into the debugger
> using the CR ~ ^B sequence when its locked up
> implies that its no longer servicing the serial
> interrupt.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? postgresql
> makes use of disk, sysv semaphores, shared memory,
> etc.
> I don't have sound, vga, X, ... any of the
> 'complicated' things, its just a server.
> There is no ATA.
> I tried setting kern.smp.active to 0, but
> it still locked up.
> I'm looking for any suggestions. I have 
> attached the config file from it if anyone
> has any comments on that.
> --don
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