Lots of 'cc' crashes with today's -current

Daniel Lang dl at leo.org
Tue Jun 1 02:27:40 PDT 2004

Hi Kris,

Kris Kennaway wrote on Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 02:20:44AM -0700:
> I am seeing this too - I believe it is caused by the recent commit to
> sys/i386/i386/intr_machdep.c to re-enable interrupt pre-emption;
> backing out this change locally causes the problems to go away.  This
> is on a SMP machine.

Hmm, I'll try it. I got the impression this commit also broke
correct reset/poweroff (according to some threads, although some
people blame that on ACPI)...

My box is not SMP (or HTT) it's an UP Athlon XP 2500+.

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