API to turn off the display

Melvyn Sopacua freebsd-current at webteckies.org
Fri Jan 30 16:24:15 PST 2004

On Friday 30 January 2004 01:50, James Green wrote:

> It should work in both. (I run X via both gdm and startx) It will also
> work from the console when X is not running as the xset commands just
> timeout. The DPMS calls stop it from screwing up your display in X.
> Try 'xset dpms force off' as the user you are logged in as (i.e. not
> root) If that does not turn off the display but blanks it, you probably
> need to look at drivers for Xfree that fully support DPMS for your card.

It does nothing at all and the card is NVidia GeForce 4200 Go. I had to tweak 
the settings for this alternate resolution also, and exiting X also creates a 
screwed up console with vertical lines.

I've tested the snapshot about a month ago with the same results, so I'll 
follow this up with the XFree86 guys.


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CET 2004     
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