5.2-CURRENT FreeBSD - ata1-slave : TIMEOUT - SETFEATURES SETTRANSFER MODE retrying (0 retries left)

Matt Dawson matt at mattsnetwork.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 13:12:12 PST 2004

Hi all,
	perplexing problem, this. I've trolled through the freebsd-current archives 
and am seeing others with this problem. I cvsup-ed my source a couple of days 
ago (and again a few minutes ago) and I'm getting this error with any new 
kernel I compile, regardless of ACPI, APIC or DMA, and it seems only to 
affect ata1-slave.

The bizarre thing is my supfile is supposed to track RELENG_5_2, not (.). Has 
this been committed to RELENG_5_2 as well? If so, is there a fix in the 
works? JFYI, this is affecting all my machines running 5.2-RELEASE. The 
original 5.2 sources yield a kernel with no such problems, although I am 
seeing the SETFEATURES recovered from missing interrupt, but it still 
proceeds to boot and everything works.

Ideas, anyone?

Matt Dawson.

matt at mattsnetwork.co.uk
matt at shihtzucentral.co.uk
NIC Handle MD2657-RIPE OpenNIC Handle M_D9

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