ACPI difficulties

Brooks Davis brooks at
Thu Jan 29 16:34:32 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 04:29:01PM -0800, Jaye Mathisen wrote:
> RELENG_5_2 supped/worlded as of 1/29.
> Hp Pavilion ZE5185.  I don't really know much about what's in it.
> My issues are with pcmcia slots and sis interface.
> pciconf shows TI PC Card controllers
> If I boot with ACPI enabled, then the sis interface
> works, but has a lot of "applying short cable fixes".
> A google for the error showed a patch from phk, but it
> appears to already be applied to my source tree.
> Also, the PC card slots don't work, I get the following in 
> dmesg:

> and pccardd doesn't think there's any PC card slots to manage.
> If I boot w/o ACPI, then the cardbus slots are found, and function OK, but
> the sis interface gets lots of "sis0 Watchdog timeout", and will not
> pass traffic, although it negotiates media type OK and such.  dhclient
> never ends up assigning it an IP, and if I ifconfig it manually, ifconfig
> returns, but I can't pass any data.

I would suggest trying an update to current.  A number of ACPI changes
have been introduced that fix many problems.  They might fix yours.

-- Brooks

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