Apache2 (with ldap) port

Robin P. Blanchard robin.blanchard at gactr.uga.edu
Thu Jan 29 11:26:08 PST 2004

Since rev. 1.158 of apache2 port, there is httpd-2.0.48-ldap-fix.patch which,
according to CVS logs should, "Fix Segmentation fault with LDAP [6]". I've
just went to upgrade apache2 and found that now I *DO* get seg faults (sig11)
when auth_ldap is enabled (whereas previous build without said patch was
fine). Modifying the port's Makefile (# $FreeBSD:
ports/www/apache2/Makefile,v 1.164 2004/01/21 21:21:12 clement Exp $) to
*NOT* apply the ldap-fix patch, allows auth_ldap to again work and not crash
httpd. Anyone else seeing this ? Perhaps this patch should be backed-out ?

Robin P. Blanchard
Systems Integration Specialist
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
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