Fixed, indirectly (was Re: ATA still broken, but now differently)

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Thu Jan 29 10:17:12 PST 2004

At 2004-01-17T23:41:01Z, Kirk Strauser <kirk at> writes:

> Well, Thursday's world seems to have broken ATA in a new and interesting
> way.  Before updating world in mid-September, my drive ran perfectly in
> UDMA66 mode.  Since that time, the system is absolutely guaranteed to freeze
> if I run in any mode higher than BIOSPIO.  Before two days ago, that meant
> getting errors like:
>    ad0: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying (2 reties left)
>    ata0: resetting devices
>    ad0: FAILURE - already active DMA on this device
>    ad0: setting up DMA failed

I eventually found a workaround for the problem that let me run my drive in
UDMA66 mode without any crashes: I swapped my Asus P3V4X motherboard with
P-2/933 CPU for an Asus A7v motherboard with Thunderbird 1.4 CPU.  I kept
the same memory, drive, NICs, cables, cases, and everything else, so the mb
and CPU were literally the only parts that changed.  Anyway, now my system
is running perfectly and I'm slowly re-enabling all of the performance
options I'd been using before this whole episode started (kern.polling, ATA,
"-march" optimization, etc.).
Kirk Strauser

"94 outdated ports on the box,
 94 outdated ports.
 Portupgrade one, an hour 'til done,
 82 outdated ports on the box."
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