ATA problem with FreeBSD 5.2

Zach N. Heilig zach at gra.midco.NET
Thu Jan 29 02:26:50 PST 2004

I tried to load FreeBSD 5.2 onto a Celeron 1.7GHz (installed on a
Biostar U8668D Via motherboard), and found a problem with the ata
controller (something about recovering lost interupts).  Sysinstall
eventually allowed me to partition the hard drive, but I couldn't
install because the CD-RW wasn't found.  I didn't check if any of
the other devices on the motherboard were detected.  The computer
isn't mine, and it won't be running FreeBSD (it is a Point Of Sale
system, running XP), so I really can't do any testing.

After hunting around, I found the exact configuration, in case someone
is interested in tracking down whatever incompatability FreeBSD has
with it:
(= US$241)

at least those are the important parts.  Note again, that is a configuration
that DOES NOT work with FreeBSD 5.2.

The hard drive is set for cable select, and connected with the special
cable that comes with the drive (with the end marked 'master' plugged
into the drive, and the end marked 'system' plugged into the mother-
board).  The CD-RW set for master, and connected with the ata cable
that comes with the motherboard.

Zach Heilig (zach at

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