Processes blocked on ufs or getblk

Robin P. Blanchard robin.blanchard at
Tue Jan 27 07:36:25 PST 2004

> I'm reviving this thread as I have more information that 
> might help track this problem down. The offending process in 
> this case is gqview but it could have been 'find /' or any 
> other process running when there's high system load (such as daylies).
> >From the emails that I've gotten it appears that this bug 
> affects users
> that are using either ccd or hardware raid (amr driver in my 
> case). I've attached the output of a ddb ps and a 'show lockednods'.
> Every time the getblk hang rears it's ugly head, I've seen
> "amr0: bad slot x completed" (where x is an integer between 0 
> to 4) printed on the serial console.
> This makes me think that there's a failure mode or special 
> state that isn't being checked with the amr driver. Perusing 
> the code shows that the bad slot message is a result of a 
> NULL busy command. I'm no storage driver and my VFS knowledge 
> is somewhat limited. Anyone out there want to have a look at 
> this? I'm willing to try out any patches on this system.

As seen previously on this list, I'm also seeing processes getting stuck in
in "getblk" state. I'm seeing this on a dell 2650 (smp enabled, acpi enabled,
aac filesystem). I'm also more than willing to try out any patches anyone may
cook up. 

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