Project Evil: The Evil Continues

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Mon Jan 26 15:56:37 PST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 00:11, Bill Paul wrote:
> > hi,
> > first of all: great work !!
> > 
> > i tested the ndis stuff with my asus m2400n centrino notebook. i took
> > the driver from the asus m2 install cd (winxp version: w70n51.inf,
> > w70n51.sys).
> > 
> > i compiled everything as described and i was able to load the if_ndis
> > module successfully. i was able to change several settings of ndis0 via
> > ifconfig (ssid, wepmode, mac addr) ... but when i started dhclient with
> > ndis0 i got a kernel panic :(
> Uhm... is there any special reason you decided to try changing the
> MAC address? Did you ever see a message on the console that said

i changed the mac addr to get access to a private network which worked
with ACLs based on mac addresses ;-) - but this has nothing to do with
the panic. the panic occurs when running dhclient whether i did some
ifconfig stuff or not ... 

> "ndis0: link up" before you tried to run dhclient? Can you show me

no "link up" sorry :( ... the only output i got is the one u can see at
the end of my dmesg output

> the PRECISE set of commands you issues that led to the panic?

i can reproduce the panic by executing the following commands:

$ # make sure to have everything in sync
$ cd /sys/modules/ndis 
$ make clean ; make ; make load
$ cd /sys/modules/if_ndis
$ ndiscvt -i w70n51.inf -s w70s51.sys -o ndis_driver_data.h
$ make clean ; make ; make load
$ dhclient ndis0

> Are you _absolutely_, _positively_ sure you have all of your kernel sources
> and modules in sync? Are you _absolutely_, _positively_ sure you recompiled

yes. i did a cvsup && make kernel && make world some hours ago ..

> both src/sys/compat/ndis and src/sys/dev/if_ndis after I tweaked them a

yes. i did exactly the commands listed above.

> little while ago?
> -Bill


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