Project Evil: Dell TrueMobile 1400

Sascha Luck sascha at
Wed Jan 28 14:41:12 PST 2004


I've cc'ed -current, but I am not subscribed (reading it through news GW), so it will likely fail.

As for the report on the TrueMobile 1400 (Broadcom BCM4309):

The ndis module works mostly fine. If the if_ndis module is loaded from /boot/loader.conf, it reproduceably panics the kernel. (I suspect this is due to if_ndis being loaded before acpi, but haven't had time to fiddle with the order of things being loaded).
Performance (can only test 802.11b at the moment) is nominal, ie no visible difference to natively supported cards.

One feature that doesn't work is IPv6 autoconfiguration (EUI64). rtsol runs but has no effect. Here the output of rtsol -d tmo0:

saoirse# rtsol -d tmo0
checking if tmo0 is ready...
tmo0 is ready
send RS on tmo0, whose state is 2
send RS on tmo0, whose state is 2
send RS on tmo0, whose state is 2
No answer after sending 3 RSs
stop timer for tmo0
there is no timer

All in all, very good work :-). Hope the above helps you with your testing. Feel free to post to list if this fails to make it.

Sascha Luck

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