Project Evil: The Evil Continues

sebastian ssmoller sebastian.ssmoller at
Mon Jan 26 12:09:06 PST 2004

first of all: great work !!

i tested the ndis stuff with my asus m2400n centrino notebook. i took
the driver from the asus m2 install cd (winxp version: w70n51.inf,

i compiled everything as described and i was able to load the if_ndis
module successfully. i was able to change several settings of ndis0 via
ifconfig (ssid, wepmode, mac addr) ... but when i started dhclient with
ndis0 i got a kernel panic :(

i attached uname, dmesg, kernel config and all i could get from core
dump and gdb.

i can test more things / provide more info if needed / useful


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