HEADSUP: New boot floppy stuff using splitfs (cvs commit: src/release Makefile)

John Baldwin jhb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jan 26 12:05:30 PST 2004

On Monday 26 January 2004 02:58 pm, John Baldwin wrote:
> jhb         2004/01/26 11:58:38 PST
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     release              Makefile
>   Log:
>   Overhaul our boot floppy generation system so that it scales better and
>   requires minimal care and feeding for future releases.
>   - Consolidate multitude of floppy related constants down to a normal
>     FLOPPY set for 1.44 floppies and on PC98 a SMALLFLOPPY set for 1.2
>     floppies.  Also, cleanup the i386 arch section by not duplicating
>     constants that are the same on both machine types (i386 and pc98).
>   - Update the ZIPNSPLIT macro to generate a file chunks that will actually
>     fit onto 1.44 floppies formatted with UFS1.  Unfortunately, split(1)
>     seems to be somewhat buggy, so the files generated are slightly larger
>     than the argument passed to split.
>   - Split the release.10 target into 3 targers: floppies.1, floppies.2 and
>     floppies.3 that are added to EXTRAS only if NOFLOPPIES is defined.
>     floppies.1 builds the install floppies, floppies.2 builds the fixit
>     floppy, and floppies.3 generates the md5 sums and READMEs for the
>     floppies/ directory.
>   - Drop the by now largely obsolete and less useful boot.flp picture. 
> This was more useful when the mfsroot lived inside the kernel rather than
> being loaded from a separate file by the loader.
>   - Only build a single mfsroot containing no modules that is used for all
>     installation methods.
>   - Use split-file.sh to split up a gzipped GENERIC kernel into however
> many floppies it takes for the boot kernel.  Currently, a stock 5.2 GENERIC
> kernel including WITNESS, INVARIANTS, DDB, and other assorted bloat fits
> onto 2 additional floppies besides the boot floppy with some room to spare.
>   - If SPLIT_MFSROOT is defined, the mfsroot.gz file is similar split into
>     however many floppies are needed.  Currently it is not defined as the
>     mfsroot.gz fits onto the current boot.flp with room to spare.
>   - Add a 'makeFloppySet' target which builds a floppy set for a file that
>     was split using split-file.sh.
>   - Rename the doMFSKERN target to 'buildBootFloppy' as that more closely
>     matches what it does now.  We no longer build a custom BOOTMFS kernel
> for each boot floppy.
>   - We no longer build a 2.88 boot.flp image to use with emulated CD
> booting. The non-emulated cdboot works for almost everyone who boots off of
> CD and if it doesn't work on a particular machine, the user can always boot
> from the 1.44 floppy images.
>   - We no longer build a driver floppy or stick kernel modules in the
> mfsroot since we now use a stock kernel when booting from floppy.
>   Revision  Changes    Path
>   1.835     +175 -179  src/release/Makefile

This should take care of the bikeshed over floppy install support in future 

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