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Bill Paul wpaul at FreeBSD.ORG
Mon Jan 26 08:38:25 PST 2004

> i tried with this pci card, but i guess i screwed up somewhere ...
> ndis0: <D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+ Wireless PCI Adapter> port 0xdcc0-0xdcdf mem 
> 0xff000000-0xff00ffff,0xff010000-0xff010fff
> no match for NdisMDeregisterDevice
> no match for NdisMRegisterDevice
> no match for NdisCancelTimer
> no match for NdisInitializeTimer
> ndis0: NDIS API version: 5.1
> NDIS dummy called...

No, you didn't screw up: I still need to implement these routines. I didn't
realize there was both an NdisInitializeTimer() and NdisMInitializeTimer().
Most miniport drivers use NdisMInitializeTimer(). Anyway, this is exactly
the sort of information I was looking for: I'll try to get these functions
implemented ASAP.


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