IPSec: Anything change in the last 2 weeks?

Larry Rosenman ler at lerctr.org
Sun Jan 25 17:07:05 PST 2004

I just cvsup'd, make world/kernel, mergemaster, and rebooted, and
now my working IPSec connections from FreeBSD to UnixWare broke.

We don't seem to be getting Keys set with Racoon into the FreeBSD kernel.

The only other change was changing my kernel to use SCHED_ULE (per the
testing request).

Any ideas?

I'm willing to share config and give access.


Larry Rosenman                     http://www.lerctr.org/~ler
Phone: +1 972-414-9812                 E-Mail: ler at lerctr.org
US Mail: 1905 Steamboat Springs Drive, Garland, TX 75044-6749
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