dev/sound/pcm/* patch testers wanted

Don Lewis truckman at
Sun Jan 25 14:20:09 PST 2004

On 25 Jan, Mathew Kanner wrote:
> On Jan 24, Don Lewis wrote:
>> The is a buffer overflow in the interrupt handler in the vchan code that
>> occasionally stomps on something on the kernel heap and causes panics in
>> other parts of the kernel.  I tracked down the cause of the buffer
>> overflow with the help of Stefan Ehmann and made a number of changes to
>> the sound/pcm/* code to try to avoid triggering the overflow.
>> [...]
> 	Don,
> 	I think it should be noted that vchans aren't always enabled
> by default and those testing this patch should explicitly make sure
> that vchans are enabled either via
> 	sysctl hw.snd.pcmX.vchans=5

That's a good point.  I'd also like to make sure that I didn't break
anything in the non-vchan case, so testing with vchans on and off would
be useful.

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